How to Choose the Ideal Invisalign Provider

St. Paul, MN – You’re thinking of straightening your teeth with Invisalign.

You’ve made a wise choice.

Invisalign can give you a more perfect smile in as little as a single year. That’s record timing when you compare it with the 2 or more years that traditional braces take to align your teeth.

But now you’re stuck with choosing the right orthodontist for your needs.

Conduct an online search in your area and you’ll probably find several offices accepting new patients.

That means you have a big decision to make. Which Orthodontist is the most skilled? Which is the most qualified?

Most importantly, which Invisalign professional will help you achieve the most beautiful smile?

Here are the top six characteristics your Invisalign Orthodontist should possess if you expect a smile that others envy and one you can’t wait to show off.

Board Certified Orthodontist

Orthodontists are dentists with specialized training. While all Orthodontists are dentists, only about 6% of dentists are Orthodontists.

To ensure you’re getting the proper treatment, look to see that the Invisalign specialist you’re considering belongs to a leading organization, such as the American Board of Orthodontics.

American Board of Orthodontics

This signifies that the specialist is properly trained and adequately assessed by the organization to provide the best Invisalign treatment possible.

Before and After Invisalign Treatment

Would you hire a home remodeler without first asking for examples of his or her work? Of course you wouldn’t, and you should do the same with your choice of Invisalign Orthodontist.
Ask the Invisalign specialist for pictures of patients before they wore Invisalign and after.

invisalign after

Then ask for testimonials that prove that patients are happy with the treatment they’ve received.

Invisalign Testimonial
Professional and Organized Orthodontic Office

Before you make a final decision, call the Invisalign Orthodontist you’re considering and see how friendly and courteous the staff is on the phone.

Then visit the office to see if it’s clean and organized.

MN Dental Office

If the staff is rude and the office is unclean and disorganized, you can probably bet that your treatment will be handled the same way.

On the other hand, if you encounter plenty of smiling faces and great attitudes the moment you walk through the door, that’s a good sign that you’ve chosen your Orthodontist wisely.

A Glowing Reputation

You no longer have to wait for word of mouth to reach your ears to find out how exceptional a particular Orthodontist happens to be.

You can now go online and find out instantly.

Doing a simple Google search in your area should bring up at least one or two Orthodontists with a series of online reviews.

Look for an Orthodontist with a high rating and one that has plenty of positive testimonials showcasing his or her expertise and chairside manner.

Make sure you then take your time to read through these online reviews to determine which Orthodontist is worthy of your time and money.

MN Orthodontic Review

Keeps Up with the Latest Technology

You don’t want an Orthodontist who is stuck in the past.

Whenever a new Invisalign breakthrough is made, you want to know that your Invisalign provider is on the ball and qualified to provide those breakthroughs in his or her office.

MN office

Offers a Variety of Orthodontic Solutions

If your case is particularly severe, you may not be a good candidate for Invisalign. For that reason, you’ll want to know that your Orthodontist can help you achieve a killer smile no matter what technologies you need to use.


Straighter Teeth Are a Click Away

You now know exactly what to look for when choosing an Invisalign provider. The professional should be board certified, experienced and professional, and there should be plenty of pictures, testimonials, and reviews to prove it.

Are you looking for a qualified and experienced Orthodontist who can straighten your teeth with expert precision using Invisalign? Contact an ORTHODONTIST in St. Paul to schedule a consultation.

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