St. Paul Orthodontist Encourages You to Give Yourself the Gift of an Invisalign Smile This Holiday Season

St. Paul, MN – The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means that gift giving will soon be in full force. While you’re out buying presents for everyone else this year, St. Paul Invisalign specialist encourages you not to forget about yourself. What gift would be appropriate to show a little self-love? A beautiful […]

Common Misconceptions About Invisalign Everyone Thinks Are True

St. Paul, MN – Invisalign is the modern and clear alternative to traditional metal braces. While the plastic aligner trays have been straightening over 4 million smiles since the year 2000, the public remains largely unaware of the facts surrounding the innovative orthodontic treatment. Your St. Paul/Minneapolis orthodontist always makes a point to schedule a […]