Orthodontist Teaches Patients How to Keep Food from Getting Caught in Invisalign Retainers

St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN – For many Invisalign wearers, getting food caught between the aligner trays is a big hassle. After all, what good does it do to wear invisible braces if this afternoon’s lunch is making a front and center appearance?

To help with this problem, St. Paul/Minneapolis Invisalign specialist is offering a few “tricks of the trade” to help patients keep their aligner trays clean.

The Benefits of Invisalign

“I don’t get many complaints from my patients,” says your ORTHODONTIST. “Invisalign doesn’t hurt like traditional metal braces, they can be taken out at will and they’re invisible. What’s not to like?”

However, she says that she does hear one complaint often. “They want to know how to keep food from interfering with treatment,” she says. More specifically, she adds, “They want to know how to prevent food particles from showing up between their teeth and the aligner trays when they speak, laugh or smile.”

These minor complaints have prompted the Orthodontist to devise a series of tips designed to keep the aligner trays clean while patients are wearing them.

How to Keep Aligner Trays Clean

Your doctor says, “To keep the aligner trays clean, you have to be aware of when and what you’re eating.”

For instance, the Minneapolis Orthodontist advises against drinking more than one cup of coffee.

“While not technically food, excess and dark liquids like coffee, wine and tea can stain the aligner trays,” she says.

For this reason, your ORTHODONTIST recommends that patients remove the trays from their mouths whenever they plan to consume these teeth staining culprits.

“I also suggest that my patients remove their trays to eat,” she says, “and brush their teeth afterwards before putting their aligner trays back in.”

Many orthodontists are big proponents of always keeping a travel toothbrush on hand. They advise patients to keep a spare toothbrush in the glove box, in a side pocket or a purse or handbag.

“You never know when you might need to brush your teeth before wearing your aligner trays.”
Since patients need to wear aligner trays for multiple hours per day, 20-22 to get the most out of treatment, it becomes necessary to keep the mouth consistently clean to keep food particles at bay, your doctor says.

A significant benefit that Invisalign wearers have over traditional dental braces wearers is that they can eat whatever they want.

“Invisalign wearers can eat hard foods like carrots and apples without worrying about those foods affecting their treatment,” says your ORTHODONTIST. “But I still advise my patients to remove their trays when eating so that the food doesn’t get caught between the trays.”

Cleaning Aligner Trays Between Uses

Your ORTHODONTIST says, “It’s a myth that the trays should be cleaned with regular toothpaste.” She adds that “Toothpaste contains abrasive chemicals that can wear down the plastic the aligner trays are comprised of, and they can also lead to buildup and heavy odors.”

Instead, your doctor recommends that patients clean their trays with regular water and anti-bacterial soap.

It is the Orthodontist’s hope that these Invisalign cleaning tips will help patients enjoy their treatment as they work to straighten their teeth.

She adds that she is always available to answer questions or alleviate concerns from her patients, as she wants them to get the most out of their time wearing the aligner trays while also limiting the time they are required to wear them.

“By keeping their trays clean and by keeping food particles at bay, the trays will be free to work their magic and patients will feel much more confident in social situations.”

After all, your ORTHODONTIST says, one of the main reasons people wear Invisalign is to keep their treatment a secret.

“It’s hard to do that when the trays are dirty or, worse, stained.”

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