Traditional Metal Braces Vs. Invisalign Teen

Minneapolis, MN – Although traditional metal braces are still around, they are no longer the only option to align your smile. Invisalign can straighten your teeth without the invasiveness of the metal alternative and is now available for adults or teens. A Saint Paul, MN ORTHODONTIST notes, “Whether choosing braces or Invisalign, there are several factors to consider. As each patient is different, so too are the treatment options.”

If you are stuck trying to decide between metal braces and Invisalign Teen, here’s a comparison of the benefits of each.

Traditional Metal Braces

These are likely what come to mind when you hear the word braces. Comprised of brackets adhered to the teeth, metal braces have a wire connecting the brackets to one another. This is traditionally how people aligned their teeth for the past few decades.

Depending on your dental needs, you may not be able to achieve your ideal outcome without this method. Metal braces can help not only straighten your teeth but adjust your misaligned bite as well. A misaligned bite is when the upper and lower teeth do not sit perfectly on top of each other. Many people have an overbite, where top teeth go over and past the bottom teeth, or an underbite, where top teeth sit behind the bottom ones.

Traditional braces can also be personalized. You might have seen teens wearing braces with different colored bands on the brackets; an advantage to this style is customizing your mouth wear by including your favorite colors.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign has become popular not only because of its near invisibility but also because you can eat what you want. Your doctor explains, “Since the aligners are removable, simply pop them out when eating or drinking and you can still enjoy your favorite foods.”

In addition to eating any food you choose, you can maintain your current oral hygiene habits. You can continue using the same floss and toothbrush that best suits your needs. Moreover, your teeth will keep consistent coloring throughout the treatment, avoiding dark or light spots.

Invisalign is gentle on your gums and mouth and daily routine. Thus, your doctor states, “Caring for your smile is about as simple as it was before you began treatment.”

Furthermore, she says, “Invisalign allows you to get the beautiful and functional smile you’ve always wanted without feeling self-conscious while doing it.” Invisalign is made to help you straighten your smile without others knowing. The aligners are nearly unnoticeable to others, arguably the biggest advantage compared to traditional metal braces, which tend to be more obvious.

Cost Comparison

Depending on your insurance, the cost of Invisalign and metal braces will likely be quite comparable. Most dental insurance plans and HSA/Flex accounts cover the cost of Invisalign and Invisalign teen treatment, just as they do other orthodontic treatments like braces.

An ORTHODONTIST explains, “Our team can work with you and your insurance provider to determine how much of your treatment will be covered.”

No matter which option is necessary to straighten your smile, price should not be the sole reason for choosing one over another. A consultation can help you review your costs, insurance coverage, and the option of flexible payment plans throughout your treatment.

Consult with a Professional

In order to know which treatment best suits you or your teen, it’s necessary to consult with a professional to figure out what your dental needs are. During your initial meeting, an ORTHODONTIST will look at your mouth and x-rays to get a good idea of what your treatment plan will be, and then you can work together to achieve your ideal outcome.

If you’re interested in learning more about alignment options for your teenager or yourself, schedule a free consultation with an ORTHODONTIST today! You can also stop by our Minneapolis/St. Paul-area office or call us at 651-447-6768.

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