The Step-by-Step Process of Getting Fitted for Invisalign Braces

St. Paul, MN – “Having your teeth aligned today is a simpler process than in times past,” states yourMinneapolis & St. Paul Orthodontist. Your doctor has practiced orthodontics for many years, becoming a well-respected, sought-after professional.

“In previous generations, patients had to wear complicated wires and hardware. They would return to the orthodontist time and time again to have the braces adjusted. Patients were often embarrassed to be seen with a mouth full of metal.” An ORTHODONTIST continues, “Here at our office, we have embraced the latest in teeth-straightening technology. We consider ourselves experts at Invisalign treatment.”

The Invisalign Process from Beginning to End

Step One

The first step of any dental or orthodontic procedure is to undergo an initial consultation. The consult is an excellent time to ask questions and get answers about anything related to the Invisalign process. For example, many potential Invisalign clients may want to know how long it takes for teeth to be straightened with this method. It is also natural to request a cost estimate and breakdown, asking what will be covered by dental insurance.

Step Two

During this phase, the orthodontist will need to collect information about the current state of the client’s teeth in order to create a treatment plan. Orthodontists refer to this as taking records, which includes making dental impressions, taking x-rays and registering an official bite. A Minneapolis Invisalign Orthodontist explains, “All of these procedures can be done in a single visit, which may take up to an hour and a half.”

Step Three

The next step might be unexpected because the orthodontist will write a prescription! It is actually an explanation of the manner in which the patient’s case will be addressed and what outcome can be expected at the completion of the tooth realignment.

This information is then sent off so the physical Invisalign braces can be created, tailored to each person’s mouth.

Step Four

Using the latest technology, including 3-D modeling, a treatment simulation is created and sent to the orthodontist. After she confirms it meets the desired expectations, the aligners will be created and forwarded to the office. The plastic liners that encase the teeth are called casts and are designed separately for the upper and lower teeth. As many as thirty different casts may be used to straighten one person’s teeth completely!

In total, the alignment process can take anywhere from six months to two years to achieve the desired results.

Step Five

At this point, the Invisalign device will be inserted at the orthodontist’s office, officially beginning the treatment. Follow-up visits are required every four to six weeks as the teeth shift, and new aligners are used.

Now all the patient has to do is look forward to a beautiful smile! If a potential client is interested in exploring the Invisalign process, there is no better place to start than scheduling an appointment at one of our offices.

About Us: Your doctor is a board-certified orthodontist in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. She strives to provide her patients with stellar, experienced care with a gentle and compassionate touch.

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