How Can Invisalign Teen Work for You?

Eagan, MN – We all know life as a teen is busier than ever before. Homework, sports and extra-curricular activities seem to take up all of your time, so how can braces and the visits to an orthodontist that go along with it fit in?

Chances are, if you need braces, you want something that can slide right into your busy lifestyle, while not hampering your style in the process. The good news is, Invisalign Teen is a great fit for many teens, even the most active. And because the system uses clear aligners, it’s one of the most popular tooth straightening options for teens.

One of the first perks of Invisalign you’ll notice is that you can straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing. The aligners are made of clear plastic that comfortably fit over your teeth. Because they’re virtually invisible, your friend’s don’t even have to know you’re wearing them.

Your friends with standard braces have probably given you the list of foods they aren’t allowed to eat. With Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want. That’s because the aligners are removable. Simply take them out before eating and drinking – there’s not need to alter your diet or miss out on your favorite foods.

If you play a wind instrument or are involved in sports, chances are good that the idea of metal braces isn’t really appealing to you. The metal can irritate your mouth while playing an instrument, and taking a hit to your mouth can cause injury with regular braces. There’s no need to worry about that with the smooth Invisalign aligners, though.

Because the aligners are removable, you can also make sure your oral hygiene doesn’t suffer. Brushing between the nooks and crannies created by standard braces can be tricky, but you can brush and floss and normal with Invisalign.

“Invisalign Teen is a wonderful option for many patients,” says your Minneapolis orthodontist. “For those who are good candidates, it can be an ideal way straighten their teeth, while not worrying about setting them back with their busy lives. But no matter what option is best for you, we’ll have you smiling bigger in no time.”

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