What’s the First Thing You Should Do When You Get Your Braces Off?

Minneapolis, MN– While braces have become a rite of passage for many adolescents and adults, there are often no complaints the day the device is finally removed.

“One of my happiest tasks is taking off braces,” says a Minneapolis orthodontist. “When having their traditional metal braces removed, people are so delighted to get this apparatus off their teeth and really let their new smile shine through. It’s hard not to find their elation contagious!”

Before the Braces Come Off

When a patient has braces, they will come to the orthodontist’s office regularly for adjustments and assessments to make sure the treatment is going according to plan. When ideal alignment has been achieved, the orthodontist will schedule a time for the braces to come off. This process takes about an hour and usually includes physically removing metal braces, scraping off glue, cleaning the teeth, and making a mold for a retainer.

“Some patients like to do ‘before and after’ photos on the day their braces come off,” notes your doctor. “It’s a fun way to see the dramatic change in such a short time span.”

What to Do When the Braces Are Off

Your doctor says, “Many people are tempted to go right for all those previously-forbidden foods: gum, chewy candy, apples, and so forth. However, I’d advise slowly getting used to your new mouth. As you’ve adapted how to eat with braces on, you now have to re-learn how to do so with the braces off.”

Furthermore, patients are advised to postpone bleaching treatments for at least a month after the braces are removed. “Your tooth enamel will be extra-sensitive for a little while, so give it some time to heal and adapt to the new environment in your mouth,” explains an ORTHODONTIST. “Then consult with your orthodontist to decide how to safely whiten your teeth.”

Another thing patients should do on Braces Removal Day is celebrate! Whether it’s a photo shoot, a picnic, a day at the spa, or some other fun activity, there should definitely be some sort of festivity to make the day even more special.

It’s Only Just Begun

“Just because your braces are off doesn’t mean you’re done with your orthodontist,” says your doctor. “You still need to come for follow-up appointments and wear the retainer you’re given to make sure your teeth stay straight for years to come. After all that work you’ve done with your braces, make sure to keep those fabulous results!”

If you’re interested in learning more about braces or how to achieve your ideal smile, schedule a free consultation with an ORTHODONTIST today! You can also stop by our Minneapolis/St. Paul-area office or call us at 651-447-6768.

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