The Invisalign Process Explained by St. Paul Invisalign Specialist Dr. Eisenhuth

Your St. Paul, MNOrthodontist is one of the leading Invisalign providers in the country. She sees many patients come into her Minneapolis/St. Paul practice for initial consultations, and when that happens she often hears a common question: How does Invisalign work?

“Most patients who come in for a consultation know that Invisalign can provide near transparency, which doesn’t affect a patient’s smile while treatment is ongoing,” says your ORTHODONTIST. “But many remain uninformed about the process from start to finish.”

Your doctor would like to provide patients who may be thinking about Invisalign with the step-by-step process she follows to take patients from smiles they’re unsure of to smiles they’ll love to show off to the world.

Step 1: Speak to an Invisalign Specialist

While much is written online about Invisalign, an ORTHODONTIST points out that only a board certified Invisalign orthodontist can help patients understand the Invisalign process as it relates to their unique smile.

For instance, a patient coming in to correct an overbite would have a different course of treatment as one who wished to correct an underbite, says an ORTHODONTIST.

The first conversation about Invisalign typically occurs during an initial consultation, which your ORTHODONTIST uses to help patients feel more at ease while explaining the Invisalign process.

During the consultation, your ORTHODONTIST will discuss the patient’s case in complete detail, including any bite problems the patient may be suffering from, and the ideal course of treatment.

The ultimate goal of the consultation is to determine if the patient is indeed a good candidate for Invisalign.

Invisalign isn’t for everyone, notes your doctor. Some patients with severe bite problems may have to resort to Invisalign alternatives, like traditional metal braces.

Your doctor also takes the time to answer questions and alleviate concerns, particularly as they may relate to insurance coverage and the costs associated with Invisalign treatment.

Step 2: Planning Treatment

To develop an effective and efficient Invisalign treatment plan, your ORTHODONTIST will take X-rays, photographs and impressions of the patient’s teeth. These materials will be used to create a digital 3D rendering of the patient’s bite and smile.

Your ORTHODONTIST will use this 3D technology to map out a precise treatment plan, whereby each tooth will be gently moved into the proper position using the clear Invisalign aligners.

An ORTHODONTIST will also take this time to provide the patient with a general treatment timeline. While every patient is unique, your doctor says that most patients can enjoy an improved smile in just a year’s time.

For teens, the length of treatment is about the same as one can expect from traditional metal braces.

Step 3: Treatment Begins

When treatment is ready to begin, an ORTHODONTIST will supply the patient with a series of custom-made, near-transparent aligners made especially for the patient’s unique bite. The aligner trays are made of BPA-free plastic that is designed to sit comfortably on teeth without irritating the cheeks or gums.

The patient will wear the aligners between 20-22 hours per day, removing them only for eating, brushing, and flossing.

Each set of aligners will be worn until that phase of treatment has been completed (the teeth moved gently into place), then they will be discarded before the next set of aligners are used.

The Near-Invisible Way to Straighten Teeth

The above process sounds simple, but your doctor says that’s because the process is rather straightforward. The most difficult part is establishing a treatment plan, but with state-of-the-art technology and an ORTHODONTIST’s trained eye and strict attention-to-detail, she can guide her patients to better and more improved smiles using the magic of Invisalign orthodontics.

To get an Invisalign smile in a matter of months, schedule an initial consultation with an ORTHODONTIST today.

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