The Best Alternatives When You’re Not a Good Candidate for Clear Braces

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN– While Invisalign has helped millions of people straighten their teeth around the world, this treatment isn’t for everyone. There are some people who are not suitable candidates for Invisalign, at least not until other problems are addressed first.
“While Invisalign is great, people should keep an open mind if they’re told they’re not a good candidate,” notes a St. Paul orthodontist. “However, there are other options available that can produce wonderful results.”
To be sure patients get the right treatment, they must schedule a consultation with a qualified Invisalign provider. Some orthodontists have even achieved the Invisalign Premier Provider designation, meaning they are particularly experienced with this sort of treatment.

Why Some People Are Not Good Candidates for Clear Braces

  • Severe malocclusion. Some cases, such as those involving teeth rotations of more than 20 degrees or tooth gaps measuring more than 6mm per arch, are too complex to be treated by Invisalign alone. During an initial assessment, the Invisalign provider will inform the patient which type of treatment is needed.
  • Interference from existing dental devices. Some prior dental work, such as crowns, porcelain veneers, or bridges may not be compatible with Invisalign.
  • Patient Noncompliance. The maintenance of Invisalign is very involved, requiring the aligners to be removed then brushed and rinsed before each meal. For maximum effectiveness, they must be worn at least 22 hours a day, even if discomfort occurs.

Alternative Alignment Treatments

“Fortunately, Invisalign isn’t the only treatment available for those who seek a perfect smile,” says your ORTHODONTIST. “There are several other options to consider.”

  • Braces. While many people may think of braces being metal, unsightly, and uncomfortable, they’ve certainly come a long way. Nowadays, there are clear and ceramic braces that blend in well with the teeth, drastically minimizing their appearance.
  • Incognito braces. This type of treatment is similar to traditional braces but sit behind the teeth. Also known as lingual braces because they are placed on the tongue side surface of the teeth, this option is invisible and allows for wonderful results.
  • Six-month smiles. For busy adults, this is a great choice for a quick yet effective treatment. Utilizing a similar method to traditional braces, the six-month smile approach involves clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, rendering them virtually undetectable.

The Bottom Line

“When you’re looking to straighten your teeth, it’s best to be open-minded,” explains your ORTHODONTIST. “Just because one particular treatment worked for a friend or family member doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be what’s best for you. When you meet with your orthodontist, she will help you develop the care plan suited exclusively to you and your needs.”

To make sure you’re getting the best treatment possible, schedule a free consultation with an ORTHODONTIST today! You can also call (651) 447-6768 to set up an appointment.

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