Significant Benefits of Wearing Teen Invisalign

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN– Invisalign Teen is an excellent alternative to metal braces, especially for teenagers wishing to avoid the restrictions and appearance of traditional braces. This practically undetectable method for straightening teeth is one of the most popular among Minneapolis orthodontic patients, and for good reason. The patient’s teeth are corrected using a series of clear, removable aligners instead of metal wires and brackets. These aligners are custom-made every two weeks to fit the patient’s teeth, allowing the teen’s teeth to shift gradually.

Many patients wonder if Invisalign Teen works as well as metal braces. According to your Invisalign-trained orthodontist, when worn as recommended this method is just as effective for most mild to severe teeth-correcting issues. “Underbite, overbite, teeth gaping and overcrowding can all be successfully treated with Invisalign Teen,” she says.
Continue With Your Active Lifestyle

Active teens also worry about the effect metal braces will have on athletic performance. Hockey, football, soccer, and brass instruments are especially discouraged when wearing braces, since these activities can cause a bracket or a wire to dislodge. Since Invisaligners are removable, teenagers are able to participate in sports and other recreational activities without having to worry about damage or injury.

Food Restrictions

Having traditional metal braces also means that there is a long list of foods your teen shouldn’t eat. Even healthy snacks such as popcorn, nuts and raw carrots are off-limits. Hard, crunchy, or gummy foods can break brackets off teeth, or cause wire bending or damage. With Invisalign Teen, there is no need to worry because aligners are removed for eating.


The most common complaint that teenagers have about metal braces is that they are so noticeable and obtrusive. As adults, it’s easy to overlook, as the change to your appearance is a small inconvenience and the focus is on the life-long benefit of having a perfect smile.

However, teens with crooked teeth are already self-conscious, and using metal braces as a solution can sometimes make a teenager feel even more insecure. Invisalign Teen is so discreet that there is no need for anxiety. They’re not entirely invisible, of course. If someone is deliberately looking for them, they will see a clear plastic coating over the teeth. But for most people, Invisalign is virtually invisible. Also, unlike traditional metal braces, they will not distort speaking patterns, giving your teenager the confidence to be themselves.

Easier To Care For

According to your doctor, one of the major disadvantages of metal braces is the increased risk of cavities. Without strict adherence to an oral hygiene regimen, cavities can even form under the metal brackets. This cleaning process is very intricate and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, this means most teenagers will skip this process and brush quickly. With Invisalign Teen, however, all the patient has to do is take out the aligners, wash them, brush his/her teeth as usual, and then reinsert the aligners. This makes the risk of cavities or damage the teeth with Invisalign much lower.

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