Preventing Bad Breath

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MNInvisalign treatment is a wonderful option for many orthodontic patients. It’s comfortable, removable and clear, allowing you to go about your normal routine without much interruption. But to stave off bad breath during treatment, there are a few steps you should follow.

“If you don’t take proper care of your teeth and your aligners during your treatment, you, and those around you, will notice,” says your doctor, a Minneapolis/St. Paul orthodontist who specializes in Invisalign treatment. “You only wear each aligner set for two weeks, but that is still enough time for bacteria and plaque to grow on them if you don’t take proper care of them.”

And that can lead to bad breath, discolored aligners and even problems with your oral health. But caring for your aligners and staving off bad breath and other issues is easy, it just takes dedication.

First, never leave your aligners in when eating and drinking. You may drink water with your aligners in, but it is always best to remove them before drinking any other beverage. Leaving your aligners in while drinking hot beverages can warp the plastic and affect how well they move your teeth. Dark colored beverages, such as red wine or colas, can discolor the plastic.

Always brush and floss your teeth after eating. If you put your aligners back in before brushing, you can trap any food particles and bacteria that are still in your mouth under the aligners. This can create issues with bad breath, and when compounded over time, can lead to oral health issues.

Keep your aligners clean. Whenever you remove them, rinse them to remove dried saliva and plaque that can make them smelly. Soak them in the official Invisalign cleaning crystals (available from your doctor), or in retainer or denture cleaner.

Clean your aligners with a mild, anti-bacterial soap. This will ensure they remain clear and fresh, free of bacteria that can be harmful or smell bad.

Never brush your aligner with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Most toothpastes are abrasive, and this can cause scratches and tiny holes in the aligners. This can then allow bacteria to grow, which can make them smelly.

Avoid smoking with the aligners in. The chemicals in cigarettes will cause the aligners to become discolored, and they can retain some of the smell.

Any orthodontic treatment requires attention and cooperation on the part of the patient. Invisalign is a great option that many patients love. Your doctor’s goal for every patient is a beautiful and functional smile at the end of treatment, but she wants all her patients to also enjoy the treatment process. Following these tips will help you have the best Invisalign experience possible.

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