Affordable Braces: A True Investment in Your Future

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Minneapolis, MN – Braces are not just appliances in a patient’s mouth – they are an important investment for the wearer’s future, regardless of their age. For that reason, parents, teens, and adults have all placed a higher priority on including orthodontic treatment into their budgets.

In this increasingly visual world where a picture can say a thousand words, a first impression is more important than ever, and most people will decide who a person is based on that first impression. And one of the first things people will notice is a person’s smile.
Braces are seen as being a necessity, not a luxury, and they are no longer viewed as a stigma, even in young people. Having straighter teeth sends a strong message that patients take care of their oral health, which means that they also take care of their overall health and wellness.

Studies have found that people who have straighter teeth are more inclined to smile more often and exude more confidence at home, school, and in the workplace. And when it comes to job interviews, a potential employer notices a person’s smile and teeth within the first 30 seconds of the introduction. This means that a straighter, more confident smile can literally change one’s future!

For parents financing orthodontic treatment for their child or seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their own smile, they have options! In the past, only traditional metal braces could be used to straighten teeth; now there are options such as Invisalign, lingual braces, and clear braces.

They also have a wider array of payment options to choose from. At a patient’s initial consultation with an ORTHODONTIST in a St. Paul/Minneapolis office (also serving Rosemount, Eagan, and Apple Valley), your doctor and team will outline all costs associated with the patient’s treatment. Some dental insurance plans and HSA/Flex accounts will cover the costs associated with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatment. The ORTHODONTIST’s team can work with patients and their insurance providers to determine how much of their treatment will be covered.

An ORTHODONTIST said, “I never want anyone to be discouraged from treatment because of the cost. My team is happy to create a flexible payment plan that fits any budget. When it comes to a confident smile – and the future potential it provides -it’s just too good of an investment to pass up.”

About Your Doctor: Your ORTHODONTIST and team provide skilled and caring orthodontic treatment to patients throughout the St. Paul/Minneapolis, Rosemount, Eagan, and Apple Valley areas. Schedule an appointment today to discover why patients choose us for their new, beautiful smiles.
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