A Guide to Surviving Your First Invisalign Appointment

Minneapolis, MN – Patients looking to improve their lives with straighter teeth are signing up for Invisalign treatment in record numbers. The Orthodontic treatment is now offered in 45 countries and has been used to treat over 3 million smiles with a 96% patient satisfaction rate.

Before Invisalign can be used to straighten one’s teeth, the patient must attend the very first appointment.

“A patient is often fraught with anxiety when they come to see me for the first time,” says your doctor, aMinneapolis/St. Paul ORTHODONTIST.

That is why Minneapolis Invisalign experts their best to alleviate patients’ concerned as they prepare to begin their teeth straightening treatment.

The Initial Consultation

“The first thing I’m going to do is conduct a thorough examination,” says the doctor when asked about patients’ first appointments.

During this hour-long office visit, your doctor will do her best to answer the patient’s questions and alleviate any concerns the person may have.

“Normally, patients want to know about how long they have to wear the aligner trays, what they can and cannot eat, and how to keep their Invisalign trays clean during treatment,” says your doctor.

Many patients are thrilled when they learn that Invisalign treatment often works faster than traditional dental braces.

Your doctor adds, “Braces take about two to three years to work in most cases while straightening teeth with Invisalign takes about 12 months.”

Many patients also enjoy the fact that they can eat whatever their heart desires. This isn’t the case with traditional braces.

The ORTHODONTIST says, “Many patients who wear braces can’t eat hard foods like carrots or apples. Or they can, but doing so can damage the wires and brackets.” She then says with a smile, “With Invisalign, my patients can eat whatever they want, as they can remove their aligner trays before digging in.”

To keep the aligner trays clean, your doctor suggests that patients brush after every meal and avoid excess staining liquids like coffee, tea, and wine.

“The liquids that stain teeth will also stain the aligners,” says your doctor. “I also tell my patients to avoid brushing their trays with toothpaste, which can wear the trays down.” Instead, she advises patients to clean the trays with water and a mild anti-bacterial soap.

Cost is another major concern patients have during the initial consultation.

“I try to make my patients aware that we have many options to keep their treatment affordable,” the Minneapolis Orthodontist says. “I want all my patients to enjoy straighter teeth, regardless of their budget.”

The Initial Exam

During the first visit, your doctor will also make sure that the patient is an ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment.

“If a patient has severe crowding or significant gaps between the teeth, Invisalign may not be the best course of action,” she says. “But if the teeth are merely crooked, Invisalign can do wonders in a very short period of time.”

Invisalign has been used to treat patients’ teeth for over 15 years. The aligner trays are barely visible, they can be removed at will, and they don’t offer many of the restrictions that come with traditional metal braces.

“Invisalign is a very attractive option for patients who want to keep their teeth straightening treatment a secret.” She adds that first dates, job interviews and other important occasions become much easier when the trays can be pulled out for short periods of time.

“After the first appointment, if they’re a good candidate, they can be well on their way to straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile for life.”

To learn more about the Invisalign first appointment or to schedule a free consultation with your doctor in St. Paul/Minneapolis, visit https://orthodonticsstpaul.com/contact-us/.

About Us: Your ORTHODONTIST is an Invisalign expert who takes pride in straightening her patients’ teeth. Her view is that all areas of life can be improved by having a straighter, more radiant smile. To learn more about your doctor and her Orthodontic practice, visit the website.

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