4 Cool Facts about Advanced Orthodontics

Minneapolis, MN – It seems every facet of our lives seems inundated with technological advances: smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, 3D printing, and more can all help improve our day-to-day living in ways not possible in previous decades. With such progress also comes vastly improved orthodontics for the best possible treatments.

A Minneapolis-area orthodontist explains, “The time is past where metal braces were the only option for straight teeth. With advanced orthodontics, there are more choices than ever before for attaining the perfect smile.”

Due to the remarkable progress made in the past few decades, here are some facts about advanced orthodontics.

1.) Your smile can be straightened nearly invisibly!

Most people have now heard of the ubiquitous treatment called Invisalign. This system utilizes clear plastic aligner trays that fit over the teeth. They can barely be seen by others, allowing a discreet way to straighten your teeth without the bulky metal braces of previous generations. They also don’t need the same rigorous cleaning or dietary restrictions that metal braces require, giving patients an easier time with treatment.

Another hidden way to straighten your teeth is a method called lingual braces. These braces sit behind your smile and get their name from the fact that they lie on the tongue-side surface of the teeth.

Both Invisalign and lingual braces offer the same magnificent results of traditional metal braces but offer a virtually invisible way of aligning your teeth.

2.) Financing options are better than ever.

Through dental insurance or flexible spending accounts (FSAs), it’s very affordable to get the treatment you need. Invisalign and similar treatments are often covered under dental insurance the same way traditional medical braces are. Many orthodontists also offer financing plans to help patients who are concerned about the cost of treatment.

“We never want money to get in the way of you and your perfect smile,” says an ORTHODONTIST. “That’s why our office is happy to work with you to create a flexible payment plan to best suit your budget.”

3.) Traditional methods have been greatly updated.

Even if you do decide to stick with traditional-style braces, you might be pleasantly surprised by the upgrades. Some popular alternatives to Invisalign include ceramic braces and clear braces, in addition to the traditional metal sort.

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored, blending in well with teeth and making the apparatus much less noticeable. Clear braces utilize a similar design, minimizing the appearance of the treatment. And while traditional metal braces are still available, even their design has markedly improved over the years. New options still under investigation include the likes of self-ligating and microchip-powered braces.

4.) 3D printing has allowed for improved outcomes.

With the advent of 3D printing has come remarkable advances in the fields of dentistry and orthodontics. Nowadays, 3D-printed aligner trays and even devices like crowns have allowed treatments to progress much faster and cheaper than in the past. Many patients marvel at how some devices can be printed in front of them, facilitating same-day treatment and ever-inexpensive care.

What’s clear is that orthodontic treatments have not only improved, but they are also more affordable as well. For a perfectly aligned smile, there is no better time to start than now!

If you’d like to see what advanced orthodontics can do for you, schedule a free consultation with an ORTHODONTIST today! You can also visit our Minneapolis/St. Paul-area office or call us at 651-447-6768.

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