Common Orthodontic Emergencies and How to Act Fast

Source St. Paul, MN: Orthodontic treatment sets out with lofty goals: to align one’s teeth in a relatively timely manner and allow for more oral comfort and enhanced health. However, sometimes the best-laid plans can go horribly awry. Serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, a leading orthodontist explains, “When undergoing any kind of […]

St. Paul Orthodontist Encourages You to Give Yourself the Gift of an Invisalign Smile This Holiday Season

Source St. Paul, MN – The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means that gift giving will soon be in full force. While you’re out buying presents for everyone else this year, St. Paul Invisalign specialist encourages you not to forget about yourself. What gift would be appropriate to show a little self-love? A […]